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Amsterdam CWG Meeting, 18 June 2019

The meeting was held from 13:00 to 16:00 CEST, mostly via teleconference (GoToMeeting).

Attendees, in order of arrival:

  • Claude Baudoin (cébé IT & Knowiedge Management, chair)
  • Swapnil Nagmoti (Cognizant)
  • Eric Aquaronne (IBM)
  • Jean-Claude Franchitti (Archemy)
  • Prasad Siddabathuni (Edifecs)
  • Jyoti Chawla (IBM)
  • Eric Euell (DC Water)
  • Nya Murray (Trac-Car)

Please report any errors or omissions to [email protected]

Introductions and Agenda Review

Claude, Swapnil, Eric and Jean-Claude introduced themselves. The other participants arrived later. Claude reviewed the agenda

Recent and Current Deliverables Status

The Practical Guide to Cloud Service Agreements, v3.0, was approved by an e-mail vote of the MARS PTF in February and issued in March 2019. A BrightTalk webinar was held in April.

The Practical Guide to Cloud Deployment Technologies, v1.0, a new paper led by Karl Scott (Satori Consulting) was approved at the regular MARS meeting in March 2019 in Reston, and published in April. A webinar was held in May.

The Practical Guide to Cloud Governance v1.0, a new paper led by Karolyn Schalk (IBM, co-chair) was started in December 2018. A public draft was posted on 20 May 2019. Very few comments were received, which is expected since this is a second review. Karolyn produced a “final” draft, which the MARS Task Force asked Claude to post – it will be document mars/2019-06-01. In addition, a single-slide Powerpoint document explaining the changes since the May 20 draft will be document mars/2019-06-02. Claude hopes to make final changes and obtain approval on June 20 from MARS (there will be a new document number then). OMG will do its usual marketing (press release). We will probably postpone a webinar until September in order to get a larger audience than in July or August.

Roadmap of Future Deliverables

The following ideas were discussed, and will be reflected in this wiki's main page, where some of these items are already mentioned.

Any new papers or revisions should be scheduled so that they can meet the following four-week review deadlines before a Task Force vote:

  • 26 Aug 2019 for the Nashville meeting
  • 11 Nov 2019 for the Long Beach meeting
  • 25 Feb 2020 for the Reston meeting

Discussion Paper on "CSAs: What to Expect and What to Negotiate"

Needs to be updated from v2.0 to v3.0 to reflect the changes made in the Practical Guide to Cloud Service Agreements, as well as changes in the language found in CSAs. Authors of v1 and v2 will be solicited to contribute.

Catalog of Cloud Standards

This should probably be a Wikipedia page, so that it can be a living document, to which other parties can also contribute, instead of a static document. We also need to verify that it hasn't been done already.

Paper on Cyber Insurance

This was Prasad's idea at the last meeting. He needs to restart this. Claude suggested an informal “mini-RFI” to our mailing list to find out what people know about this (and also to attract co-authors). Jyoti volunteered to help.

Practical Guide to Cloud Adoption in Retail

Claude has not heard from the Retail Domain Task Force since the March meeting. He will ping Karen Shunk and Bart McGlothin about it. Jyoti volunteered to participate.

Security of Cloud Providers

Jean-Claude has developed an assessment approach. How do we exploit it? Claude was not keen to multiply papers, and suggested to Jean-Claude to look at whether this should be an additional section in a revision of the existing paper on security. This is not a final decision.

Discussion and Other Actions

Eric asked whether “smart edges” are in scope? Claude thinks so – we should help people decide on the most appropriate architecture to solve their needs. Regarding cloud vs. fog computing, we need to look at a possible “territory boundary” with people within IIC who came from the Open Fog Consortium.

Jyoti commented that looking at the recent Target outage, keeping some capabilities at the edge (in this case, at the local store level) could have helped keep the stores open.

As her example shows, this discussion can be very sector-specific, because the edge means very different things in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, telecom, energy, etc. Jean-Claude can help in the areas of mobile health as well as banking and financial services. In both sectors, there is a regulatory aspect as well as business and technical ones.

Jean-Claude asked where we stand after our discussion with ASC X9 (who are developing the X9.141 standard related to data breaches). Claude said that both he and Karolyn had low expectations about anything happening at all, but Claude will ask what they may be interested in pursuing with us.

Distributed ledgers live in the cloud – what should we do about this? Claude said that the technology is being being discussed in the Finance DTF. There was no specific decision, but we should think about a joint session with them. Prasad is doing some research on blockchain in healthcare, and is willing to participate. Claude will send Prasad the list of participants to the “Blockchain in Health Care” conference which he attended in San Francisco in February 2018.

Jyoti suggesting aligning ourselves with key industry conferences in order to drive adoption, also to find speakers for our own meetings. Later on, Nya suggested the same thing about security conferences, e.g. from the Cloud Security Alliance. She has contacts she can pursue, including Shamun Mahmud who also knows Claude. Claude needs to find out if OMG already has a liaison with CSA. And after the meeting, Jean-Claude sent a note saying that it would be nice for the group to participate in the Cloud Expo conferences that take place each Fall (in NYC) and Spring (in San Francisco).

Nashville Meeting Planning

There was a consensus that a quarterly (minimum) teleconference was good to hold, instead of only exchanging e-mails. We will therefore do this again in Nashville on Tuesday or Wednesday, September 24 or 25, in the morning in order to allow remote attendance by Europeans.

In addition to a status review and a discussion of the roadmap, we're also considering:

  • a segment on cloud in healthcare, for which Prasad can initiate a conversation with his contacts to get attendees and a speaker,
  • a segment about potential collaboration with the CSA.

At future meetings, we should continue discussing “cloud in XYZ” (successive domains: finance, energy, retail, etc.) on a rotating basis, inviting members of the appropriate task force to join us for those segments of our meetings.

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