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Interface Definition Language (IDL)

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The Interface Definition Language (IDL) specifies only the syntax used to define the data types and interfaces. It is normally used in connection with other specifications that further define how these types/interfaces are utilized in specific contexts and platforms:

  • Separate “language mapping” specifications define how the IDL-defined constructs map to specific programming languages, such as, C/C++, Java, C#, etc.
  • Separate “serialization” specifications define how data objects and method invocations are serialized into a format suitable for network transmission.
  • Separate “middleware” specifications, such as, Data Distribution Service (DDS) or CORBA leverage the IDL to define data-types, services, and interfaces. The description of IDL grammar uses a syntax notation that is similar to Extended Backus-Naur Format (EBNF).

Source: Interface Definition Language (IDL)

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