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Use Case

What is a use case?

A use case is a description of how a system responds to a request from an external source. This is written with reference to the technical steps that happen for the task to be completed.

Why are use cases important?

Use cases are important, because they will show how systems respond when they are used. A use case describes how a system helps a user achieve their goal. Unlike a user scenario, a use case is more orientated towards the system’s behavior rather than the user. The language in which a use case is written should be simple and the writer of a use case should avoid technical terminology. A use case should not include too much context about the user or their emotional response to an interaction.

The purpose of use cases

: In a use case a list of goals can be defined and an analysis can be made of how complex and expensive it is for these goals to be met. In team projects, use cases are useful to see which areas of a system need to be developed and what obstacles could arise in performing a task.

Source: Use Case

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