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A private network limits access to the network to individuals or nodes granted and verified to have permission to participate in joining, leaving, reading, writing, and auditing activities on the network. A participant joins a private network only through an authentic and verified invitation; validation is performed either by the network operator(s) or using a clearly defined set of protocols implemented by the network1).

  • Note: Recently, the idea of Private Networks as more secure is seriously challenged by the Zero Trust Security Model which basically states that establishing a secure perimeter is not enough to establish a trust to the individual or the machine. Especially with the advent of cloud-based architectures and people needing to use multiple devices from inside and outside the confines of the secure perimeter.

Benefits of Private Networks

  • Enterprise Permissioned2):
    The enterprise controls the resources and access to the blockchain, hence private and/or permissioned.
  • Faster Transactions3):
    When you distribute the nodes locally, but also have far fewer nodes that participate in the ledger, performance is faster.
  • Better Scalability4):
    Being able to add nodes and services on demand can provide a great advantage to the enterprise.
  • Compliance Support5):
    As an enterprise, you would likely have compliance requirements to adhere to; having control of your infrastructure enhances ability to satisfy this requirement more seamlessly.
  • Consensus More Efficient (fewer nodes)6):
    Enterprise or private blockchains have fewer nodes and usually a different consensus algorithm, such as BFT vs PoW.
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