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dido:public:ra:1.4_req:1_func:platform:hw_arch Hardware Platform


In a Distributed System, each Network Node in the Node Network is associated with a Computer Architecture. As a consequence, a requirement of the distributed system is to identify specifically the computer architectures that are permitted.

It is not a simple task. For example, a coin DIDO might not initially consider a need to support embedded systems, however, the system might need to support Point-of-Sale operations, and as a general rule, these are implemented as embedded systems.

Another example, might be a supply chain DIDO. It might be obvious that this implementation requires embedded systems to read bar codes, RFIDs, and to monitor sensors used in production. As initially conceived, the system may not need Handheld Computers since the results of the embedded systems will be processed by Servers. However, often inventory is now being made available using general purpose smartphones that can even provide maps of where to find the item within the warehouse. Is it far fetched to believe that Amazon may need to employ a supercomputer to help analyze the 1.3B transactions a day? Imagine trying to play “what-if” games with that kind of data and getting responses back in a useful time frame. 1)

Conga; What’s Under the Hood Supporting 1.3B Transactions a Day? Salesforce by the Numbers, 31 October 2020, Accessed 8 December 2020,
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