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Special Interest Group (SIG)

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Special Interest Group (SIG) is one of the three types of OMG Subgroups, a SIG may be chartered by any one of the three Plenary Bodies. Unlike Task Forces (TFs), SIGs may not recommend issuance of RFPs or adoption of technology to their Parent Body, nor may they issue RFIs although they may issue Surveys which serve the same function as an RFI but carry a different name. Typically, SIGs function as discussion groups and/or technology incubators, i.e, primary authors of RFPs or RFIs. Occasionally a SIG will be disbanded and its Parent Body will charter a TF with a similar name and function, typically after a period of several months to a year or more during which the SIG has demonstrated that its membership could sustain the effort necessary to recommend and maintain adopted technology.

Source: Special Interest Group (SIG)

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