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OMG: Java 5 Language PSM for DDS (DDS-Java)

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Table 1: Data sheet for Java 5 Language PSM for DDSM (DDS-Java)
Title Java 5 Language PSM for DDS
Acronym DDS-Java
Version 1.0
OMG Document Number formal/13-11-02
Release Date November 2013
About Specification
Note: The following is an excerpt from the actual document. It is provided here as a convenience and is not authoritative. Refer to the original document as the authoritative reference.


This specification defines a Platform Specific Model (PSM) for the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems (DDS). It specifies an API only for the Data-Centric Publish-Subscribe (DCPS) portion of that specification; it does not address the Data Local Reconstruction Layer (DLRL). In addition, it encompasses (a) the DDS APIs introduced by [DDSXTypes] and (b) an API to specifying QoS libraries and profiles such as were specified by [DDS-CCM]. This specification also defines a means of publishing and subscribing Java objects with DDS-the Java Type Representation without first describing the types of those objects in another language, such as XML or OMG IDL.
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