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ClearOS (also known as the ClearOS System, formerly ClarkConnect) is an operating system marketed by the software company ClearCenter. It is based on CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, designed for use in small and medium enterprises as a network gateway and network server with a web-based administration interface. It is positioned as an alternative to Windows Small Business Server. ClearOS succeeds ClarkConnect. The software is built by ClearFoundation, and support services can be purchased from ClearCenter. ClearOS 5.1 removes previous limitations to mail, DMZ, and MultiWAN functions.

As of the ClearOS 6.1 release, the distribution is a full-featured operating system for gateway, network and servers built from source packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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Developer ClearCenter
Written in
OS family Unix Like
Working state Current
Source model Open Source
Initial release 7.8.0 23 June 2020
Latest release
Available in
Kernel type Monolithic Kernal
Default user interface Web User Interface
License GPL and others
Official Site
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