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CloudReady is a Chromium OS fork called CloudReady aimed at the educational market, with the intention of extending the life of older PCs and laptops. A subsequent version can dual-boot Neverware and the Windows operating system (until v64).

CloudReady is built on Google's open-source operating system Chromium. Neverware customizes CloudReady so it can be installed and used on PC and Macintosh hardware up to 13 years old, making them behave more like a Chromebook.

Although the company began with an exclusive focus on the US K-12 education sector, it announced in October 2017 its intention to use its Series B funding from Google to further expand into the enterprise market.


Developer Neverware
Written in
OS family
Working state
Source model
Initial release 15 Fenruary 2015
Latest release
Available in
Kernel type
Default user interface
Official Website
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