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IBM i is an integrated operating environment developed by IBM, consisting of operating system, database, middleware, and development tools. IBM i runs on IBM Power Systems servers, as do IBM AIX and Enterprise Linux.

It replaced the i5/OS and OS/400 operating systems but maintains application compatibility with both.

IBM designed IBM i as a “turnkey” operating system, requiring little or no on-site attention from IT staff during normal operation. As such, it has been described as “the driverless variant of IT infrastructure.” For example, IBM i has a built-in Db2 database which does not require separate installation. Mass storage (“disks”) can be RAIDed or mirrored; when either of those options is configured, one or more disks can be replaced without interrupting work. System administration is wizard-driven. Automatic self-care can schedule all common system maintenance, detect many failures and order spare parts and service automatically.


Developer IBM
Written in
OS family IBM i
Working state Current
Source model Closed source
Initial release April 2, 2008;
Latest release 7.4 / April 23, 2019;
Available in English
Platforms IBM Power Systems
Kernel type shares many Microkernel (SLIC) and Virtual machine (TIMI) design philosophies
Default user interface
License Proprietary
Official Website
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