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LynxOS RTOS is a Unix-like real-time operating system from Lynx Software Technologies (formerly “LynuxWorks”). Sometimes known as the Lynx Operating System, LynxOS features full POSIX conformance and, more recently, Linux compatibility. LynxOS is mostly used in real-time embedded systems, in applications for avionics, aerospace, the military, industrial process control and telecommunications. As such, it is compatible with military-grade security protocol such as wolfSSL, a popular TLS/SSL library.


Developer Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.
Written in
OS family Unix-like real-time operating system
Working state Current
Source model Closed Source
Initial release 1986
Latest release 20 February 2020
Available in
Platforms Motorola 68010, Intel 80386, ARM architecture, PowerPC
Kernel type Dynamic Extendable
Default user interface Command Line Interface (CLI)
License Proprietary
Official Website
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