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Nokia X Software Platform

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Nokia X Software Platform was based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the Linux kernel. Nokia combined Android apps with Nokia experiences (such as HERE Maps, Nokia Xpress and MixRadio) and Microsoft services (such as Skype and Outlook). Nokia officially described the software as bringing “the best of all worlds”. It also encompasses features from the Asha platform, such as the Fastlane notification centre. The user interface mimics that of Windows Phone.

The OS has been compared to's Fire OS, which is also based on AOSP.


Developer Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code: Google Modifications: Microsoft Mobile (formerly Nokia)
Written in C (core), C++, Java (UI)
OS family Linux
Working state
Source model Proprietary software based on open source Android and in all devices with proprietary components
Initial release 2014
Latest release Nokia X software platform 2.1
Available in
Platforms 32-bit ARM
Userland Bionic libc, mksh shell, native core utilities with a few from NetBSD
Kernel type Monolithic (modified Linux kernel)
Default user interface Graphical (Multi-touch)
License Proprietary EULA; based on Apache License 2.0 Modified Linux kernel under GNU GPL v2
Official Website
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