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SANtricity Software Operating System (OS)

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SANtricity Software Operating System (OS) performs management tasks while the storage remains online, with complete read and write data access. This capability enables storage administrators to make configuration changes, perform maintenance, or expand storage capacity without disrupting I/O to attached hosts.These online capabilities include the following:

  • Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) technology greatly simplifies traditional storage management with no idle spares to manage or reconfigure when drives are added or fail. This capability enables automatic configuration, expansion, and scaling of storage.
  • Dynamic capacity expansion and reduction of DDP pools enable you to add or remove up to 12 drives at a time for a pool. The pool dynamically rebalances to adjust for these drive count changes, with no requirement for parity recalculation.• Dynamic RAID-level migration changes the RAID level of a volume group on the existing drives without requiring the relocation of data. The migration operation supports RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10.
  • Dynamic physical and logical expansion enables administrators to add new drive modules, configure volume groups, and create volumes without disrupting access to existing data


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