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SCO UnixWare

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SCO UnixWare is a Unix operating system. It was originally released by Univel, a jointly owned venture of AT&T's Unix System Laboratories (USL) and Novell. It was then taken over by Novell. Via Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), it went on to Caldera Systems, Caldera International, and The SCO Group before it was sold to UnXis (now Xinuos). UnixWare is typically deployed as a server rather than a desktop. Binary distributions of UnixWare are available for x86 architecture computers. UnixWare is primarily marketed as a server operating system.[


Developer Univel, Novell, SCO, Caldera Systems, Caldera International, The SCO Group, Xinuos
Written in
OS family Unix
Working state
Source model Closed Source
Initial release 1992
Latest release 7 Definitive 2018 / 2017
Available in
Kernel type Monolithic Kernel
Default user interface
License Proproetary
Official Website
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