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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is a Linux-based operating system developed by SUSE. It is designed for servers, mainframes, and workstations but can be installed on desktop computers for testing as well. Major versions are released at an interval of 3–4 years, while minor versions (called “Service Packs”) are released about every 12 months. SUSE Linux Enterprise products, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, receive more intense testing than the upstream openSUSE community product, with the intention that only mature, stable versions of the included components will make it through to the released enterprise product.

It is developed from a common code base with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and other SUSE Linux Enterprise products.

IBM's Watson was built on IBM's POWER7 systems using SLES.

In March 2018, SUSE Product Manager Jay Kruemcke wrote in SUSE blog that SLES developers have ported SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to Raspberry Pi. Source:

Developer SUSE
Written in
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Open Source
Initial release 31 August 2000
Latest release 15, 21 July 2020
Available in Multilingual
Platforms IA-32 (except SLES 12 and 15), x86-64, s390x, PowerPC, aarch32, aarch64
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux)
Default user interface GNOME
Userland GNU
License GNU General Public License and various
Official Website
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