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Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) Minutes

14 January 2013

The following is a summary of our January 14, 2013 telecon. Let me know if you have any corrections. Our next telecon will be Monday Jan 21 at 10:00 AM EST (3:00 PM UTC).

Dial-up information: Link to webcast:


  • Roy Bell – Raytheon
  • Graham Bleakley – IBM
  • Simon Moore – Atego
  • Ed Seidewitz – Model Driven Solutions

Status of Release 13:

Release 13 contains test cases 17 through 20. Last week Simon checked in Atego solutions for test cases 18 and 20 into the MIWG repository. We now think we have enough submissions to make Release 13 public. We will make the final decision about the public release during the telecon next Monday.

Status of Release 14:

The diagrams and XMI for Release 14 have been checked in. Release 14 will contain two test cases for UPDM (TC 21 and TC 22) plus two test cases for UML components (TC 23 and TC 24) plus one test case for UML deployments (TC 25).

Closed Actions:

  • None this week

Open Actions:

  • 111128-01 Check in model files – Vendors (note: need a discussion of where the model files should be put)
  • 111128-02 Recreate models that do not exist – Vendors (note: need to decide which vendor should do each of the missing model files)
  • 111212-01 Provide an explanation on the MIWG Wiki of why both valid.xmi and valid-canonical.xmi files are needed, and add links to this explanation in all of the test cases where they are shown – Ed
  • 111212-03 Update the roadmap for MIWG test cases – Sandy/All
  • 111212-04 Baseline the MIWG testing process – Sandy/All
  • 111219-02 Modify the namespaces in a copy of the MIWG test case XMI files to specify UML 2.4.1, and rerun these test cases to determine which test cases are incompatible with UML 2.4.1 – Vendors that support UML 2.4.1 including No Magic and Sparx
  • 111219-04 Indicate if your tool can import canonical XMI, and if so, which of the MIWG test case canonical XMI files can be imported by your tool – Vendors

Wiki Updates:

Refer to Model-Interchange Wiki at for latest information. These minutes and previous minutes are posted to the Wiki.


– Roy Bell – Raytheon – Network Centric Systems

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