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Test Case 15 -- Structured Activity Nodes -- UML 2.3

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Valid XMI

Valid Canonical XMI

Special Note on Serialization of StructuredActivityNodes

In UML 2.3, it is not clear whether StructuredActivityNodes owned by an Activity should be serialized under the node or the group properties of that activity (or, strictly, even redundantly under both). The Valid XMI for this test case serializes such StructuredActivityNodes under the node property, which seems to be the most common choice. (The resolution of this issue in UML 2.4.1/MOF 2.4.1/XMI 2.4.1 results in StructuredActivityNodes being serialized under the Activity::structuredNode property, but this property is marked as derived in UML 2.3 and so would not normally be serialized at all.)

Diagram 1

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 2

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