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-<h2 class="​page-header">​ Reston meeting - March, 2018</​h2>​+<h2 class="​page-header">​Reston meeting - March, 2018</​h2>​
 <​p>​Thank you to everyone that was able to attend.</​p>​ <​p>​Thank you to everyone that was able to attend.</​p>​
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 <​p>​Quick overview of our open workgroup efforts for Video Analytics, UnifiedPOS, and Ontology including the status of the open RFC and RFP'​s.</​p>​ <​p>​Quick overview of our open workgroup efforts for Video Analytics, UnifiedPOS, and Ontology including the status of the open RFC and RFP'​s.</​p>​
-<p>We discussed ​the request for modification to the UPOS V1 standardDecision ​to proceed or not is deferred.</p>+<p>Tadashi-san presented ​the draft of the UPOSv1.15 FTF charter and the electronic value reader writer updates it includes. ​ There was discussion on the change ​to v1.15 from 1.14.2 as the proper fix to overcome the material specification changes that were introduced in v1.14.1. Members and the co-chairmen were accepted, and the deadlines identified for the team.</p>
-<p>Started ​on Fiscal ​Printer discussions. Leo gave an overview of the current state of the RFP for the new participants.</p>+<p>Roland presented the work that has been accomplished ​on the Fiscal ​API service, attendees provided feedback and comments.</p>
-<​p>​At ​3:30pm we began discussion on ontology in the context of Fiscal ​Device Standard effort.</p>+<​p>​At ​1:30pm we began discussion on ontology in the context of Fiscal ​efforts.</p>
-<p>John presented ​the EFSTA standards documentRequirements document, ​the Use Case Document.</p>+<p>Unified POS v2 Printer and Model RFP passed ​the LOI deadline with no submissions. the RDTF decided to extend the deadlines. the new LOI deadline is June 4th, 2018. <a href="​https://​www.omg.org/​techprocess/​meetings/​schedule/​UnifiedPOS_V2_Model__And_POS_Printer_API_RFP.html">​RFP PAGE</​a>​</p>
-<p>Reviewed the Fiscal Device Specification with the ontology experts. Feedback on the work thus far was excellent, with good suggestion ​and proposals ​for improvements.</p>+<p>The Video Analytics FTF carter ​was also reviewedchairs and members identified and dates selected.</​p>​ 
 +<​p>​Interest areas discussed related to other OMG activities:<​br /> 
 + - Fresh Item Management collaboration ​with IBM/​GS1/​Wal-Mart<​br /> 
 + - Providence ​and Pedigree collaboration ​for FIM2 and Healthcare</​p>​ 
 +<​p>​New Efforts:<​br /> 
 + - RFC for Digital Receipts (Bart McGlothin to reach out to Starmount/​infor)<​br /> 
 + - RFP for Retail Communications Service Devices (RCSD)</​p>​ 
 +<p>On Thursday we discussed collaborative writing topics for blogs and white papersThe following topics were found to be the most interesting and people volunteered to participate:</​p>​ 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 40px;">​Robots in Retail (for Japanese market)<​br /> 
 +- Tadashi Furuhata<​br /> 
 +- OMG Robotics DTF may help?</​p>​ 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 40px;">​EVRW in Retail – What is it? How to use this new UPOS device<​br /> 
 + - Kazuhiko Kondo</​p>​ 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 40px;">​Create your own Retail Go! with ARTS<br /> 
 + - Richard Halter<​br /> 
 + - Bart McGlothin</​p>​ 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 40px;">​Block Chain for Retailers<​br /> 
 + - Katie Kean<br /> 
 + - Dennis Gerson<​br /> 
 + - Leonid Rubakhin<​br /> 
 + - Richard Halter</​p>​ 
 +<p style="​margin-left:​ 40px;">​Micro-services Architecture in Retail<​br /> 
 + - Daler Rahimov<​br /> 
 + - Need co-author to start</p>
 <​p><​b>​MOTIONS</​b></​p>​ <​p><​b>​MOTIONS</​b></​p>​
-<​p>​Motion to issue the RFC with the revisions as discussed for Video Analytics v1.0.2 ​in the retail plenary session- 2nd by John Glaubitzpass with white ballot</p>+<​p>​Motion to extend ​the Unified POS v2 Printer and Model RFP deadlines ​in the retail plenary session- 2nd by Leonid Rubakhinpassed by voting list - unanimous.</​p>​ 
 +<​p><​b><​span style="​font-size:​12.0pt"><​span style="​font-family:"​Times New Roman",​serif">​Document #                    Document Name</​span></​span></​b><​br /> 
 +<span style="​font-size:​12.0pt"><​span style="​font-family:"​Times New Roman",​serif"><​a href="​https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​retail/​2018-03-20">​retail/​2018-03-20</​a> ​          RFC FTF Charter for Video Analytics<​br /> 
 +<a href="​https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​retail/​2018-03-21">​retail/​2018-03-21</​a> ​          RFC FTF Charter for UnifiedPOS 1.15<br /> 
 +<a href="​https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​retail/​2018-03-22">​retail/​2018-03-22</​a> ​          ​ARTS-OMG Overview and meeting minutes for Reston 2018<br /> 
 +<a href="​https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​retail/​2018-03-23">​retail/​2018-03-23</​a> ​          RDTF Closing Plenary Report<​br /> 
 +<a href="​https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​retail/​2018-03-24">​retail/​2018-03-24 </​a> ​         Overview presentation for Fiscal API Service RFP<br /> 
 +<a href="​https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​retail/​2018-03-25">​retail/​2018-03-25</​a> ​          RFC Overview for WS-POS<​br /> 
 +<a href="​https://​www.omg.org/​cgi-bin/​doc?​retail/​2018-03-26">​retail/​2018-03-26</​a> ​          ​Retail Ontology session meeting minutes</​span></​span>​</p>
-<p>Motion to issue the RFC with the revisions as discussed for Unified POS version 1.14.2, in the retail plenary session- 2nd by John Glaubitz, pass with white ballot</p>+<p> </p>
-<p>Meeting adjourned at 17:15, there was no need to reconvine wednesday morning.</p>+<p> </p>
 <​h3>​Retail Week Agenda:</​h3>​ <​h3>​Retail Week Agenda:</​h3>​
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