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What is SMSC?

The Specification Management Subcommittee (SMSC) is chartered to manage publication and do version management of all adopted standards documents published by the OMG. It also provides guidance to OMG staff on the presentation of the document repository on the OMG web site. No adopted technical document can be formally published without being placed under the control of SMSC. Description of its full role can be found in its Charter, Mission Statement and Concept of Operation as articulated by the Architecture Board in the original charter document adopted in June 2004.

Useful Documents

Information about Report to the AB and past SMSC Plenary Meeting Minutes are also accessible from here.

Email Lists

There are several pertinent email lists that are associated with this group which can be found in the Email List Page

Best Practices Forum

One of the facilities that is provided for by the SMSC through this Wiki is a Best Practices Forum to capture best practices and experiences in creation and maintenance of documents. For example, members who have discovered efficient ways of converting documents from one form to another are encouraged to go to this Work Area and add their experience to the bottom of the page. Periodically material from the Work Area will be consolidated and placed in an orderly fashion in the Forum page so that they become easily accessible to everyone. Members developing new documents for submission for publication are also encouraged to visit this forum to explore if any of the ideas presented there would be useful for things that they are trying to achieve.

Discussion of Governance and Specification Management

We will maintain record of the ongoing discussions of Governance and Specification Management that is taking place with a view to creating proposed AB Policies in this area. Broadly speaking, there are 5 topic areas being addressed. The lead individuals are identified in [] at the head of each item. They are:

  • [Pete Rivett, Cory Casanave] Develop guidelines for machine readable files that must accompany submissions including guidelines for relating multiple representations of the same model to each other.
  • [Jishnu Mukerji] Minimal set of documents that must be present without which submissions and F/RTF reports will not be considered complete enough for consideration at the meeting.
  • [J. D. Baker] Assistance that can /needs to be provided in the way of tooling and best practices
  • [Jishnu Mukerji] Resulting changes in SMSC processes for acceptance of documents and publishing of documents.
  • [Sridhar Iyengar, Pete Rivett] When multiple specs are related to each other and have dependencies, how would their parallel evolution be governed?

Related discussion and meeting notes can be found as follows:

More to Come

Additional material to help in the mission of the SMSC will be placed here as and when they become available


The SMSC Gang

Please email comments and suggestions to the SMSC Wiki Administrator.

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