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Annotations Wishlist


  • Define ‘annotations’:
    • Those items needed for Terms/Definitions, Abbreviations or References, that take the form of text rather than other data or ‘things’
  • Status: we are working through an ‘Annotations Wishlist’
  • Findings
    • Experiment One (spreadsheet of GovDTF initial 11 terms)
    • Later PoC work
    • Discussions
  • Status:
    • To be de-duplicated and cleaned up
    • Many of the terms needed are available in FIBO AV and OMG AB SM; we will use those as a starting point

Work in Progress

Scope – what is an ‘Annotation’

(or whatever we end up calling it)


Term origin, definition, definition adapted from etc.

Things about items in the Resource i.e. things about definition, things about acronym etc.

Stuff that is not part of the relationships among these things.

That is, this is not a complete list of things in the resource.

Like: OWL Annotation Properties as distinct from OWL Object Properties or OWL Datatype Properties.

Future work: We need to fine tune this once we have looked at the examples and edge cases in this wish list. Would this change from WG to WG? Without the clarity we just identified the need for, we don’t know yet. Ideally we want something that TFs and SIGs can easily digest.

Purpose: Desired For

Desired annotations for 3 things:

  • 1. Terms and Definitions
    • E.g. definition origins
  • 2. Abbreviations
    • Including symbols and abbreviations
  • 3. References

Some of the annotations for (1) and (2) may be the same.

Separately, some of the information to be retained (2) will be cross-references to (1) or (3) but these are not strictly annotations so not included here.


Stuff we have done so far to tease out these requirements:

  • GovDTF initial pilot
    • Spreadsheet: ‘Experiment One’
    • Spreadsheet with columns, some of which are the desired annotations
  • Blockchain PSIG RFI: Disposable SSIDs
    • Word document: ‘Blockchain PSIG Terms and Definitions’
    • Loose text file accompanying the RFI Glossary, of additional information accompanying definitions
  • Finance: FIBO Experiment
    • Spreadsheet: ‘equity processing’
    • Dealt mainly with structural features: class and property taxonomy; relations
  • FIBO
    • FIBO Annotation Vocabulary RDF resource
    • OMG Specification Metadata (AM SM Namespace)
  • References: Meeting notes on additional output requirements for free-form reusable information
    • Minutes: ‘20210301 VCOI Call Notes’
    • Yields some annotation requirements e.g. keywords, exhibits
    • Basic requirement for References is in the existing referencing conventions

Wishlist: Desired Annotations

Terms and Definitions

Experiment One:




Broader Than

Narrower Than


  • Structural not annotation



Other Notes (meeting minutes)

Definition: 2 flavors
  • Stored definition (ISO 1087 or Sentence Case)
  • Expressed definition styles
    • ISO 1087
    • Sentence case
    • Composite
      • Combines Definition + Explanatory Note (not Editorial Note)

Explanatory Note

Blockchain PSIG Terms and Definitions

Sourced Definition (Original definition at source)

Adapted Definition

Kinds of Adapted – do we need to distinguish these?

Adapted Definition – edited for grammar only

Adapted definition – cut down

Adapted From

Reasons for adaptation?

Definition Origin (see also FIBO)

Definition Origin (as URI)

Definition Origin (as publisher)

Definition origin (as Reference i.e. paper, author, publisher, date) = link to References content

Definition origin (as term in a source model e.g. message model, UML model or ontology)

  • The above separate formats or kinds of origin - Same for ‘adaptedFrom’

Source URI

  • As Source for Definition
  • As source for Definition later Adapted
  • As source for Explanatory Notes
    • Typically the source may have one definitional clause plus run-n sentences of an explanatory nature, and sometimes of a usage illustration nature

Other Notes

See SKOS Notes extensions and FIBO AV extensions to SKOS note

Usage Notes

See separate Word document (not yet expanded upon here)

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