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Decisions and open questions on what should be delivered to a given Task Force or SIG that is using the VCOI methodology.

See also the Architecture page for how this is to be delivered (diagram below).


Diagrams - contextual ontology views

- does not fit the one per page format so where is it displayed

One possibility is to have a conceptual ontology in the box marked 'Vocabulary' - with diagrams. So then needed to determine where those are displayed.

Recall that Concept is only one of the things needed, since we also have Acronyms and References, from the original example material.

Also a given TF would want to use existing ontologies where possible (and therefore know what the context is of the original definition).

Decisions to Date

We will have two kinds of resource in which terms, acronyms and references are shown. These are:

  1. Tables - one each for Term/Definition/Synonym; Acronyms and other initialisms; References
  2. Page per Term - accessed via an alphabetical listing


Tables may be rendered in two ways:

  1. On the wiki for that TF or SIG as one wiki page per type of table
  2. As document inserts in the format used in OMG Specification documents.
  3. Terms and Definitions (Clause 4 of the Template)
  4. Symbols and Abbreviations
    1. Symbols (where needed) - sub-clause 5.1
    2. Abbreviations - sub-clause 5.2
  5. References (Clause 3)

Page per Term

The URL of this wiki page is the URI for the Term.

This is accessed via an alphabetical listing.

Decision: definite or indefinite article goes at the end of the listed name of a concept e.g. 'Semantic Web (the)'

Open action: this listing is generated by something that Nick Stavros uses on his wiki pages so we need to incorporate how to generate or edit that

To determine: page per term or per concept or both? (default assumption is Term not Concept)

More work to be done: What the format and content of the individual pages is like.

Presumably this age includes a link (URI) for the concept itself. This may be the element URI in an ontology, or something else if the concept is in some other kind of concept library.

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