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Welcome to the Conceptual Modeling Working Group wiki

This working group was formed at the Berlin OMG meeting in June 2015. At the meeting, we decided to explore these topics. The working group generally meets face to face at each OMG meeting, an hour before the Wednesday reception. It also generally meets via telecon about once a month.

Progress Thus Far

Conceptual Modeling Language Requirements

Working Definitions

The first topic on our list was to define the following terms:

  • Concept: (from ISO 1087) “[A] unit of knowledge created by a unique combination of characteristics. Individual concepts correspond to one object, such as 'Saturn' and 'the Eiffel Tower' whereas general concepts correspond to two or more objects which form a group based on having common characteristics or properties, such as 'planet' and 'tower'.”
  • Model: (from many sources) “A set of statements made in some modeling language about a universe of discourse in order to communicate common knowledge for some purpose.”

See the Necessary Conditions (Characteristics) of the Concept ‘concept’ in ISO 704:2009 and 1087-1:2000 that Donald Chapin extracted for us.

Use Cases

The second topic on our list was “use cases / competency questions for conceptual models”.

Use cases were submitted using a form and automatically appended into a shared spreadsheet, thanks to Claude Baudoin.

Use Case Examples

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