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INCOSE 2014 MBSE Workshop Breakout Session

Infusing MBSE into an Organization


  • To identify effective approaches for infusion of MBSE into practice
    • Survey different infusion MBSE approaches into organizations
    • Identify enablers and barriers


Session 1 - Saturday, 15:45-17:30

  • Review objectives
  • Introduction and identify organizational entities
  • Address pre-defined questions

Session 2 - Sunday, 13:45-15:00

  • Address pre-defined questions (cont.)
  • Summarize and report from each group
  • Synthesize group summaries

Predefined Questions

  • How do you measure infusion progress?
  • What is the nature of the organization for which your are infusing MBSE (e.g., size, function, discipline, product)?
  • What enablers and barriers are in your environment?
  • What primary MBSE value do you communicate to your stakeholders to obtain their involvement/commitment?
    • Do you try to measure this value?
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