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INCOSE SysML v1 to SysML v2 Transition Guidance Activity Team

Project Overview

The INCOSE SysML v2 Transition Activity Team is being sponsored by the US Department of Defense (DoD) Digital Engineering, Modeling and Simulation office (DEM&S). The project name is entitled “SysML v1 to SysML v2 Transition Guidance Project”. The project is intended to provide early guidance in the form of recommendations to assist organizations, projects, and practitioners in their transition from a model-based systems engineering approach (MBSE) using SysML v1 to a MBSE approach using SysML v2. This is not official government guidance. This is a collaborative effort that is drawing from input from across the MBSE community and is intended as an open and public effort.

The OMG Systems Modeling Language™ Version 2 beta specifications were adopted by the OMG on June 30, 2023. The SysML v2 submission concluded five years of development, resulting in three specifications and an open-source pilot implementation to validate them. These specifications enable next-generation systems modeling with improved precision, expressiveness, consistency, usability, interoperability, and extensibility over SysML version 1. The three specifications include:

1.Kernel Modeling Language (KerML)specification version 1.0 beta - defines a new metamodel to provide the foundation for SysML v2. Its formal semantics specified as first order of logic with 4D temporal and spatial extent, provide a new level of precision.

2.Systems Modeling Language (SysML) specification version 2.0 beta - provides the expressive capability to model complex systems and complementary textual and graphical representations that facilitate improved system understanding.

3.Systems Modeling Application Programming Interface (API) and Services specification version 1.0 beta - provides standard services to navigate, query, and update the model that enables interoperability with other tools and software applications throughout the lifecycle of system development.

The specifications are now in their finalization phase with final adoption anticipated in 2024.


Model ConversionThe process for converting a baseline SysML v1 model to a baseline SysML v2 model that includes pre-processing the SysML v1 model, transforming the SysML v1 model to a SysML v2 model, post-processing the SysML v2 model, validating the SysML v2 model, and assessing the impact on other artifacts generated or derived from the model.
TransformA step in the model conversion process which translates a conformant SysML v1 model to a conformant SysML v2 model.
TransitionThe process that an organization or project implements to update their SysML v1 modeling environment, practices, training, and related assets to support SysML v2 modeling.


Product Description
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) This product page was created based on community input resulting from the 2023 INCOSE International Workshop. It provides a listing of 58 Frequently Asked Questions stakeholders might have along with the latest answers to those questions based on current knowledge.
SysML v1 to v2 Transition Plan Outline and Recommendations This product page provides an outline and recommended approach around what to plan for and consider when transitioning from SysML v1 to SysML v2.
SysML v2 Tool Consideration Checklist Based on experience converting SysML v1 models to SysML v2 models a list of tool consideration was documented. As a tool user or tool developer, use this list as possible features you might consider in a tool that supports SysML v2.
SysML v2 Modeling Environment and Tools This product provides instruction to help with setting up your own SysML v2 textual notation model development environment. It also provides vendor modeling tool information.
SysML v1 to SysML v2 Model Conversion Process This product page includes an approach to converting a SysML v1 model to a SysML v2 model. This page also includes links to documented conversion efforts.
SysML v1 to SysML v2 Model Conversion Examples This page includes links to example SysML v1 models and SysML v2 conversion results so that you can download them for your own purposes should you choose to try your hand at converting them to a SysML v2 model.
SysML v2 Flashlight Starter Model This page includes a short description of the SysML v2 Starter Model along with links to a tutorial and completed SysML v2 Model. This product is a learning aid to get someone comfortable with SysML v2

INCOSE 2024 International Workshop (IW)

OMG 2024 Quarter 1 Technical Meeting

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