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Auto-View Generation Working Group home page - Use Cases and Scenarios - Notes on Architecture, etc


We have identified 15 requirements so far.

  1. Analysis
  2. Architecture Framework Extensibility
  3. Configuration Management
  4. Conformance
  5. Diagram Views
  6. Dynamic Views
  7. Editability
  8. Executable Independence
  9. Inclusion
  10. Interoperability
  11. Method
  12. Separation of Models
  13. Styles
  14. Tool Independence
  15. Viewpoint Model

Requirements are detailed in the table below.

Requirement NameRequirementRationaleNotes
AnalysisThe viewpoint method shall include provisions to specify:
a)    The query that selects the parts of the model 
      (e.g., model elements, figures) to be included in the view
b)    Rules to transform the model to another model 
      (query usecases)
c)    Rules for model checking 
      (e.g., consistency and/or completeness checking)
d)    Rules to transform the model to another model
e)    Selected output formats 
      (e.g., doc book, html, excel, ppt ..)
f)    Presentation style (e.g., tabular, text format, )
g)    Access controls such-as which roles can 
      create, read, update, and delete information.
Methods need to separate operations on information from format and presentation.SF update on 12/23/12
Architecture Framework ExtensibilityShall support extension to any
compatible architecture framework
The definition of view and viewpoint should be consistent with the latest standard ISO 42010 (to be confirmed)TBD
Configuration ManagementThe version of the model and the corresponding views shall
be maintained and synchronized as required.
Versions of Views are necessary in order to track the change history.(Sandy added 12/8/12)
ConformanceThe view of the model shall
represent the model information in conformance with the rules defined by the viewpoint.
Using a Viewpoint to specify the View provides a way for stockholders to communicate their expectations with respect to what they will see in the View.None
Diagram ViewsDiagrams shall be capable of being considered views that conform to Viewpoints.Diagrams can be considered as a part of the model or as a first-class View of the model.None.
Dynamic ViewsViewpoints shall allow for
specifying and presenting dynamic Views of the Model.
Views are not static - they can be dynamic. We want to be able to generate any kind view that meets the needs of what we are communicating. This includes animations, interactivity, model2model, homogeneous, heterogeneous. The point is the Expression of the View should only restricted by the needs of communication with stakeholder.Expression of Views shall support specification of media or format for a range of static and dynamic.
EditabilityThe view shall be editable
via comments that can be reflected in updates to the model.
Views are inherently interactive where possible. Wether editing a diagram, text or tables Sandy added 12/8/12
Executable IndependenceThe viewpoint method shall be independent
of a specific modeling tool / version implementation where practical.
Under considerationConsider a standard api for querying the model)
InclusionShall be capable of including any model element.The generated document could contain any model element.Under consideration
InteroperabilityThe viewpoint method shall include provisions for:
a)   integrating data that is external to the model by reference
b)   integrating other text and related information directly
TBDUnder consideration
MethodThe viewpoint shall include
an executable specification for a method capable of producing the View.
Views of models cannot be created without a concrete explanation of what information is necessary and how it should be communicated.None.
Separation of ModelsThe view model shall be separate
from the system model, the format model, and the presentation model.
The document model (definition of chapters, model elements includes, etc.) is separated from the system model.Under Consideration
StylesThe rules for creating the View shall
be distinct from the format and presentation styles used to render the View.
This avoids modeling a document directly. it also allows for formats such as slides, interactive web forms, animations etc.None
Tool IndependenceThe definition of the document model
shall be tool-independent.
TBDUnder Consideration
Viewpoint ModelThe viewpoint shall include properties for:
a)    Stakeholders (1..*)
b)    Concerns (1..*)
c)    Purpose (1)
This descriptive information is present to relate the information that describes concerns and purpose of the View to the stakeholders. Notes
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