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SysML Extension for Dynamic Simulators

This is for discussion of a extension of SysML for solver-based simulators (Simulink/Simscape, Modelica-based, etc) that is independent of the particular simulators or simulation languages used.

Work Group Members

Work Group Leader: Conrad Bock

Work Group Members:


  • bg6o2qo “An Analysis of Solver-Based Simulation Tools”, a survey of solver-based simulators, Matei and Bock, 2012.
  • NIST.IR.7875.pdf “Modeling Methodologies and Simulation for Dynamical Systems”, describes two ways simulators are used, Matei and Bock, 2012.
  • NIST.IR.7888.pdf “SysML Extension for Dynamical System Simulation Tools”, covers a simulator-independent extension of SysML, Matei and Bock, 2012.
  • cellier-physical-modeling-1996.pdf “Modeling from Physical Principles”, Cellier, 1996.
  • modelica-conf-2006-final.pdf “Types in the Modelica Language”, Broman, Fritzon, Furic, Modelica Conference, 2006.


Discussion Documents

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