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SysML v2 Requirements Review

Status of RFP's following the OMG meeting in Dec 2017 in Burllingame

The SysML v2 RFP (omg document number ad/2017-12-02) was issued at the Burlingame meeting on December 8, 2017. This culminates a 1.5 year effort to develop the requirements for the next generation systems modeling language, which is intended to improve the precision, expressiveness, and usability over SysML v1. The requirements reflect lessons-learned from applying model-based systems engineering (MBSE) with SysML since its adoption over 10 years ago. The RFP requires the specification to include both a SysML profile of UML and a SysML metamodel, and a mapping between them. In addition, submitters have the option to specify additional features that include model interchange and formal semantics. A complementary RFP entitled the ‘SysML v2 API and Services RFP’ is also being developed to enable interoperability among model-based engineering tools. This RFP is planned to be presented at the next OMG meeting in March, 2018, and issued at the following OMG meeting in June, 2018. The capabilities provided by SysML v2 should enable broader adoption by the systems engineering community and improved effectiveness of MBSE. The OMG announcement can be found at

Updated SysML v2 Requirements Documents to Present for Vote at OMG meeting in Dec 2017 in Burllingame

Updated SysML v2 Requirements Documents based on Feedback from Review

The feedback received from the review of the SysML v2 Requirements Review Document dated July 4, 2017 was dispositioned, and the results were incorporated into an updated document entitled the SysML v2 Requirements Support Document dated September 23, 2017. This document and the two spreadsheets that contain the requirements from the Support Document are included below. These requirements are also incorporated into the Draft SysML v2 RFP's which will be presented to the ADTF at the OMG meeting in New Orleans on September 27.

SysML v2 Requirements Support Document-2017-09-23 (OMG Doc # syseng/2017-09-01)
SysML v2 Requirements Spreadsheet- 2017-09-23 (OMG Doc # syseng/2017-09-02)
SysML v2 API and Services Requirements Spreadsheet- 2017-09-23 (OMG Doc # syseng/2017-09-03)

SysML v2 Requirement Review Process

SysML v2 Requirement Review Documents Sent out for Review on July 4, 2017

Background and Context for SysML v2 Requirement Review

The following are extracts from the SysML v2 Requirements Review Document dated July 3, 2017 that provide some background and context.

“The SysML v2 Requirements Review Document was developed by the Object Management Group (OMG) SysML v2 RFP Working Group. This document provides the initial draft requirements and supporting information for the SysML v2 Request for Proposal (RFP) that will be issued by the OMG. The RFP defines the requirements that the specification for the next generation System Modeling Language (OMG SysML®) called SysML v2 must satisfy. The SysML v2 specification, in turn, will be implemented by tool vendors in their modeling tools to enable practitioners to perform their model-based systems engineering (MBSE) activities. The initial requirements in this document are expected to be updated based on inputs from review and additional requirements analysis.”

“The overarching objectives for SysML v2 are to increase the adoption and effectiveness over SysML v1. This is accomplished by enhancing support for MBSE with improved precision and expressiveness, interoperability with other engineering models and tools, and usability. The requirements in the SysML v2 RFP reflects lessons learned from experiences with SysML v1, and include refined requirements to represent the SysML v1 concepts (e.g., structure, behavior, parametrics, requirements), and requirements for additional system modeling concepts. The SysML v2 RFP also includes service requirements that support model construction, model visualization, model analysis, model management, and workflow and collaboration. Service requirements were not included in the RFP for SysML v1.”

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