Object Database Technology (ODBT) Working Group


Where are we now?

In September 2008, a working copy of an RFP was circulated amongst the WG members for comment. Subsequently, in reaction to the economic turmoil during the latter half of 2008, some of the vendors involved in this effort made the business decision to direct their resource elsewhere. In March 2009, the activities of this WG were officially suspended.

Prior Activities

Summary of prior activities and outcomes from same.

Issuance of RFI, February 2006

Analysis of RFI Responses and White Paper, September 2007

Users and Vendors Forum -- December 2007

ICOODB 2008 Report

  1. ODBMS.ORG Portal: http://odbms.org/
  2. Object Data Management Group (ODMG) [hosted by ODBMS.ORG portal]: http://odbms.org/odmg.html
  3. “Next Generation” Object Database Discussion area on ODBMS.ORG Portal: http://odbms.org/odmg_ng.html
  4. Wikipedia discussion on object databases: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_database
  5. Papers on Stack-Based Architecture (SBA) & Stack-Based Query Language (SBQL) developed at Polish-Japanese Institute of Technology (PJIT):http://www.ipipan.waw.pl/~subieta/SBA_SBQL/
  6. The Object Database Standard: ODMG 3.0 (freely available to OMG members by agreement with Morgan Kaufmann): http://www.omg.org/members/cgi-bin/doc?omg/04-07-02
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