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I hope you all are having a great 2019 so far! We are looking forward to working together solving the toughest problems in Retail, please join our bi-weekly calls and the next Face to Face meeting. Attendance is open to everyone (you do not have to be a member of the OMG to participate), but you must still abide by the OMG IPR and Anti-Trust policies (keep your secret sauce secret, please).

In addition to our standards development creating RFP’s and RFC’s at the Object Management Group Meetings we also want to improve our collaboration efforts by leveraging our LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1796388).

Up to date information regarding meetings, agendas and previous meeting minutes can be found HERE on our Retail Wiki, so check back often to find out what is happening at all times.

Good morning, afternoon and evening, friends,

The quarterly OMG Technical Meeting is upon us! Fitting with the times the meeting is entirely virtual.

As has become customary, our Retail Domain Task Force events are packed into Wednesday and Thursday this week. See the agenda here:


Some of our standard work team meetings (here's looking at you, UPOS) will be at their normal times and will be opened up to anyone who wishes to join, as are the rest of the RDTF meetings on the agenda above.

If something interests you, call in. If nothing interests you, call in anyway and tell us about what interests you.

Highlights this time around include an effort to improve the impact our technical documentation and prose has on diversity and equity, which entails reviewing our content for terminology or phrases that run counter to the voice of inclusion and equality of all people.

UnifiedPOS 2.0 has a running start with the Fiscal API, and now we intend to focus more squarely on the core tenets of UnifiedPOS 2.0 from an IoT framework perspective, evaluating EdgeX Foundry, the Open Retail Initiative and Intel's IoT Unified Edge for their efficacy in backing Retail POS. We might do this with "POS Printer" as the extension needing an underlying framework to share with the Fiscal API.

The Retail Industry Ontology (RIO) is quickly growing into a great resource. It definitely illuminates the old dark corners of our retail standards and sets the stage for clarity.

GS1 continues to march "Beyond the U.P.C." and retailers need our help to make sure the standards are ready for the use-cases retailers are asking for can be delivered.

Lots of work has been accomplished over this past quarter, bumping us up against the OMG process like what has been experienced with the UPOS Retail Communication Service Devices (RCSD) work spearheaded by OPOS-J and Seiko-Epson. So much good work is ready to hit the market but we underestimated how much was required to pass the OMG review process. It includes all sorts of interesting new device types for the robotic future and is ready to go.

Location-in-Retail fell behind a bit but is now ready to move on to filling out use-case narratives.

The Retail Profile of the Security Maturity Model (SMM) released to the public with great fanfare. A webinar is planned for mid-October.

The Microsoft Teams call-in will be the same throughout the 2-day RDTF event. Check the meeting agenda for the virtual call-in link. Please do drop in when you can.

Best regards,

Andy Mattice

Chair, Retail Domain Task Force, OMG

Deadlines Schedule

Work Teams

Digital Receipt API v1.0 RFP (LOI Deadline July 30th, 2019)

Digital Receipt API v1.0 RFP (Initial Submission Deadline August 26th, 2019)

UPOSv2 Fiscal API RFP (LOI Deadline September 30th, 2019)

UnifiedPOS V2 Model And POS Printer API RFP (Voting List Deadline September 20, 2019)

UPOSv2 Fiscal API RFP (Initial Submission Deadline November 11th, 2019)

UPOSv2 Fiscal API RFP (Voting List Deadline December 6th, 2019)

UnifiedPOS V2 Model And POS Printer API RFP (Initial Submission Deadline February 24, 2020)

UnifiedPOS V2 Model And POS Printer API RFP (Revised Submission Deadline May 18, 2020)

New work initiating:

RFC Tender Information Standardization - target December 2019

RFC for Location v3 – target September 2020

RFI for Printers and Scanners using 2D/RF product codes in UPOS


AI in Retail paper

Cloud migration in Retail paper

Ongoing working groups:

Unified POS

Retail Ontology

Retail IoT Security Maturity Model


- OMG Jira Tutorial for RTF and FTF

- Introduction to ARTS

Retail Architecture:
- Overview Video
- Self-paced Course
- ARTS for Retail Book: Amazon Google
- Global Retail Technology Advisors Blog

Unified POS

Video Analytics

Web Services POS