Thank you to everyone that was able to attend.

The general retail Meeting started on time at 8:30am, Wednesday June 19th, 2019 and concluded at 17:30 on Thursday June 20th, 2019 in Amsterdam The Netherlands, at the Park Inn West Radisson hotel.

The weeks meetings included several new OMG members and many former ARTS members, with a couple attending via WebEx

Meeting attendance for both days includes:

  • Andy Mattice - Lexmark
  • Bart McGlothin - Cisco
  • John Glaubitz - Vertex Inc.
  • David Ezell – Conexxus
  • Denis Kuniss – Diebold Nixdorf
  • Roland Zalisevskij - Service Plus IT
  • Karen Shunk - OMG
  • Ron Zahavi - Microsoft
  • Hendrik da Cruz - So1
  • I-Ping li - Deloitte

Attendees via WebEx:

  • Leonid Rubakhin - Aptos
  • Nancy Smallwood - Vertex Inc.
  • Vivian Underwood – GS1

Monday morning started with a meeting of the UPOS v1.16 Retail Communication Service Device RFP voters. Vote-to-vote and vote-to-recommend motions were made for the VINX submission and both passed. Monday afternoon the AB reviewed and approved the Retail Communications Service Device (UPOS1.16) submission from VINX. Furuhata Tadashi created the FTF charter for voting and member join which was presented by Bart McGlothin on Friday during the closing TC plenary.

Wednesday started with an overview or our current work efforts in progress and group introductions. It included a vote for the two nominated new chair’s; Andy Mattice and Leonid Rubakhin, to server for the next 2 years with their term beginning at the end of the Amsterdam meeting.

Ron Zahavi presented the current status and progress of the Retail IoT Security Maturity Model work team efforts. We are starting to make good progress initially documenting UPOS devices. This group meets every couple weeks and the date/time is published on the Retail Wiki sidebar. The link to the status presentation is available below.

Roland Zalisevskij presented the current progress on the Fiscal API service. Good outline of elements and requirements from 12 of the listed tax authorities. The document including these is available on OneDrive.

Andy Mattice and Vivian Underwood shared their progress and strategy for the Location standard. A community work team will work on adding new use cases to the existing V1 and V2 location standard documents as a new combined standard and submitting the resulting updated proposal as an RFC to become a OMG standard.

Wednesday afternoon had a separate special OMG session organized by Karen Shunk: Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Experience. Special speakers included I-Ping Li - Deloitte, Hendrik da Cruz-So1, Marcus Mueller-Basler AG, and Andreas Vogel-SAP. Copies of their presentations are available on the agenda page area of the OMG website.

Thursday started with a review of training and education webinars available and votes to extend deadlines. Links to these can be found on the Retail Wiki start page.

Thursday continued with engaging discussions from Wednesdays special AI session. There are many relevant use cases and supporting elements needed to enhance the adoption of AI and machine learning in Retail. There is interest in writing an AI in retail paper.

John Glaubitz lead the retail ontology working session where in-depth discussions ensued to clarify the definitions for: Services, Transactions, Orders and Tender types. This included the time allotted for the Tender RFC working session. Roland Zalisevskij and Leonid Rubhakin gave a brief update on the progress of the Tender Types RFC work. Detailed minutes of the ontology work are available below and on OneDrive.

The meeting concluded with a short review of our roadmap and deliverables. Many discussions over the week provided excellent topics and new efforts to include in our retail road-map. In Summary; AI in Retail paper, updates to Cloud guidance papers, and Location. The updated retail road-map is available below.

Interest areas discussed related to other OMG activities:
- Fresh Item Management collaboration with IBM/GS1/Wal-Mart
- Provenance and Pedigree collaboration for FIM and Healthcare
- Business Process Models for Healthcare
- OMG Cloud Services SIG
- OMG Blockchain SIG

RFPs currently issued and awaiting submissions:
- Digital Receipts API
- UPOSv2 Printer API and Model
- UPOSv2 Fiscal API

New Efforts and work in progress:
- RFI for Printers and Scanners using 2D/RF product codes in UPOS
- RFI for a Retail DM to Blockchain API
- RFC for Retail Tender types (Service Plus + Aptos)
- RFC for Location v3 (GS1 + Lexmark)
- Update to Cloud paper and Template RFP
- Ai in Retail paper
- Business Process Models for Retail
- IoT Security Maturity Models for Retail


Vote-to-vote for UPOS v1.16 RCSD submission - passed (4/4)
Vote to accept and send UPOS v1.16 RCSD submission from VINX to the AB - passed (4/3)
Vote for new RDTF Chairs: Andy Mattice and Leonid Rubhakin – passed (5/5)

Vote to extend submission deadlines for Digital Receipt - passed (5/5)

  • LOI Deadline Date from: June 21st to July 30th 2019
  • Initial submission deadline from: August 12th to August 26th 2019


retail/2019-06-04 Retail meeting minutes summary for Reston 2019
retail/2019-06-05 Retail IoT Security Maturity Models update
retail/2019-06-06 FTF charter for UPOS v1.16 - RCSD
retail/2019-06-07 RDTF Closing Plenary Report
retail/2019-06-08 Retail Ontology session meeting minutes
retail/2019-06-09 Retail Roadmap

Retail Week Agenda:

Start End Topic Presenter WebEx/Info
Monday - June 17th
9:00 9:30 UPOS v1.16 RCSD Vote to vote and vote to recommend adoption Bart McGlothin Meet in Lobby
17:00 19:00 OMG Meet & Greet - BPMN Guest Speakers Free Session
Tuesday - June 18th
8:30 17:15 Business Architecture Master Series: Making it Real! US$ 100 add-on. (Registration Required)
9:00 10:15 Blockchain PSIG meeting Mike Bennett
Bobbin Teegarden
Dr. Nick Stavros
open to all
13:00 17:00 Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) Summit Click here for complimentary registration
Wednesday - June 19th
8:30 8:45 Introductions and Overview Round table
MeetingID: 204 518 970
Passcode: artsomg
8:45 8:50 Vote for new RDTF Chairs (2-year term) Bart McGlothin
8:50 9:00 Progress Updates: PrinterAPI, FiscalAPI, RCSD, Digital Receipt, Publishing of papers Bart McGlothin
9:00 9:30 IoT Security Maturity Model for Retail update Ron Zahavi
9:30 10:30 Fiscal API - workgroup update and working session Roland Zalisevskij
Leonid Rubhakin
10:00 10:45 Refreshments
10:45 12:00 Location RFP work Andy Mattice
Vivian Underwood
12:00 13:30 Lunch + OMG Presentation
14:00 17:30 Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Experience I-Ping Li - Deloitte
Hendrik da Cruz-So1
Marcus Mueller-Basler AG
Andreas Vogel-SAP
Free Session
18:00 20:00 Attendee Reception
Thursday - June 20th
09:00 09:15 Training Courses: Retail Training and OMG certifications - Future planning Bart McGlothin
MeetingID: 203 088 502
Passcode: artsomg
09:15 10:15 AI in Retail discussion session Group
10:00 10:45 Refreshments
10:30 12:00 Tender RFC Draft - Working meeting Roland Zalisevskij
Leonid Rubhakin
12:00 13:00 Lunch
13:00 14:15 Retail Ontology - Working meeting John Glaubitz
MeetingID: 205 253 630
Passcode: artsomg
14:15 15:00 Refreshments
14:45 16:00 Retail Ontology - Working meeting cont. John Glaubitz
16:00 16:10 Vote to extend Digital Receipt dates. Bart McGlothin
16:10 17:00 Road-map; brainstorm new RFP's, what are other OMG groups working on we can leverage Group Discussion
Friday - June 21st
8:30 14:00 OMG Closing Plenaries for all Tracks Andy Mattice
John Glaubitz
Bart McGlothin