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13 May 2010

Quick notes from the 13th May teleconference:

On the call:

  • Pete Rivett
  • Jishnu Mukerji
  • Larry Johnson

Jishnu chairs and takes notes

Meeting called to order at 13:05EDT

Agenda for today:

  1. Agenda Bashing
  2. Approve Notes from last meeting (Notes from 29th April 2010).
  3. Discussion of Work Item 1c “Assistance that can /needs to be provided in the way of tooling and best practices” Led by JD and Bob
  4. Next steps

Agenda Item 1

Since neither JD nor Bob are present we cannot do item 3.

We will withhold approval of the notes to next call since we are not quorate.

We will have a free form discussion of issues today

Revised Agenda:

  1. Agenda Bashing
  2. Free form discussion of issues
  3. Next steps

That concludes Agenda Item 1

Agenda Item 2

Issue 1: Pete report from UML2 RTF call: People were happy to make changes to make it possible to use UML Superstructure to create MOF XMI files Pete will file issues to make changes necessary in MOF. Will be synched at UML 2.4/MOF 2.4 targeted for Sept.

Issue 2: Pete and Jishnu plan to present a concrete pair of documents at the next call capturing the results of the last call as they apply to work items 1a and 1b. We would still like to be in a position to present these to the AB in Minneapolis. It is preferable to have this discussion on Thursday after the SMSC meeting on Wednesday.

Issue 3: Pete: MIWG members feel that XMI should be more restricted and allow fewer options. Jishnu: Should it be by just constraining usage of XMI, or does it require change of the XMI spec? Pete: XMI spec could be changed to add default values for tags, and/or they could be incorporated into XMI 2.4. Jishnu: Overall the best approach seems to be to change the defaults of the relevant tags to what they need to be. Pete: This approach needs to be validated before it is adopted. Pete: A result may be that some things will have to be specified in the correct order. This will affect tools. Pete will lead a discussion on this subject in the MIWG We should await the outcome of that discussion before taking any concrete steps in this group.

Issue 4: Larry: The same problems that Steve Cook found in AB have appeared in RMS spec. We need to get some education on what the issues are and how to fix the RMS spec too. Call is at 3 - 4 EDT on Monday. Pete: possible to do the education at the next call.

Agenda Item 3

Action Items: Jishnu: Send reminder for next call immediately after this call. Ask Andrew what happened to virtual room for the meeting. Pete: Continue to represent the interest of this group at MIWG and UML2 RTF, as he has already been doing. Pete and Jishnu. Prepare documents for discussion at the next call: JD and Bob: Prepare to discuss work item 1c (postponed agenda item 3 from this call) at the next call

Meeting Adjourned at 13:35EDT.

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