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15 April 2010

Quick notes from the 15th April teleconference:

On the call:

  • Pete Rivett
  • Jishnu Mukerji
  • Jim Rice
  • Bob Daniel
  • Manfred Koethe
  • Larry Johnson
  • Cory Casanave
  • Sridhar Iyengar
  • J D Baker
  • Tom Rutt
  • Doug Tolbert

Jishnu chairs Andrew takes notes

Three things to do (from emailed strawman agenda)

1. Agree on Terms of Reference of the group. This could include but no be limited to consideration of: a. Develop guidelines for machine readable files that must accompany submissions b. Minimal set without which submissions and F/RTF reports will not be considered complete enough for consideration at the meeting. c. Assistance that can /needs to be provided in the way of tooling and best practices d. Any additional items e. Resulting changes in SMSC processes for acceptance of documents and publishing of documents.

2. Decide on timeline and deadline for reporting results to the AB with specific proposals for adoption as AB Policy.

3. Assuming that atleast the first 3 items in (1) are included in the ToR as described above. Discuss and scope out each items and appoint one or more individuals to lead specific aspects. Make as much progress as possible on the call and create action items to be completed by the followup call to drive further activity in those calls.

What to add? Bob adds - how to bring existing spec into scope of new submission?

Sridhar - For instance, when you re-used BMM concepts?

Bob - We did 2 things - Subtyping in MPG from BMM, and some new associations.

Larry - Would like guidelines for reusing specifications and list of common ways of reusing.

Pete - Need to have discussion on policy. MPG created new XSD for existing BMM spec using proprietary algorithms.

Jishnu - Let's add this to list - Is a spec designed to be reused? If so, policy on what reuse is allowed, what not allowed?

Sridhar - guidelines. 2 ways models created. ???, and part of mof models.

Pete - In the general case, the question is about submission of new PSMs for existing PIMs - e.g. MPG PSM for BMM PIM.

Cory - Relationship between XMI, XSD, RDF. In BMM we have XSDs, XMI for same specifications. Multiple representations of same model, how correlated, namespaces, repositories, etc?

Pete - What is governance of resulting PSM? By group that created it, or PIM owners (e.g. BMM)?

Jisnhu - Not sure we can take a fixed position on this.

Pete - Then decision should be discussed and documented on per-submission basis.

Sridhar - If RTF for original spec exists, presumably have to refer to them.

Jishnu - CORBA integration was a mess. No governance process. General issue - managing lifecycle of specifications.

Jishnu - It's only recently that we're explicitly started documenting dependencies. We should require dependency info in submission. This is fifth item on the list - governance of evolution of specifications.

Bob - There are 2 parts; the conceptual, and nuts and bolts. Lots of nuts and bolts issues on tooling.

Jishnu - Let's talk timelines and availability. Can we target Cambridge MA September meeting, with face-to-face discussions at the MN meeting and con calls beforehand.

Pete - wants to do it quicker.

Jishnu - OK, we'll aim to complete in June, fall back to September if we don't make it. We need leads on each of 5 items. I'll take lead on SMSC process (item 1e).

Cory - will lead on item 1a.

Larry - Can review.

Jisnhu - Can pete lead on the new item? He's already proposed draft policy.

Pete - was going to volunteer on item 1a.

Jishnu - OK, so you work with Cory.

Sridhar - will lead on new item instead.

Jishnu - takes 1b.

New item is: “When multiple specs are related to each other and have dependencies, how would their evolution be governed?”

Sridhar leads on this new item.

JD leads on item 1c. Bob supports.

SMSC wiki can be used to document, and SMSC mailing list for discussion.

Pete - guidelines. If (say) RFP asks for UML model, what files should be submitted? List acceptable files for each artefact. item 1c lists how files are produced (tooling).

Jishnu - on next call, focus on item 1a. On call after that, spend mostly on item 1c, which flows from that. I'll keep track of 1b & 1e.

Sridhar's item - more weighty in terms of scope and impact.

Schedule - weekly calls, starting on Thr 29th April at 6pm BST (1pm EDT).

Next Call Info:

Date/Time: Thursday 29th April 2010 18:00 BST, 13:00 EDT, 10:00 PDT

Number: +1 605 475 4850

Access code: 422074#

In case of problems getting onto the call, please call Andrew on +44 7710 469624.

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