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GEMS Examples

The ZIP files referenced on this page contain examples of various GEMS messages in both GEMS-ASCII and GEMS-XML. The examples match between the two formats to allow for direct comparison. The GEMS-XML messages include the standard HTTP headers.

These examples are non-normative, but expected to match and help clarify the GEMS specification. A compliant implementation of GEMS (client or server) should be able to parse and/or generate these messages.

These examples are provided by AMERGINT Technologies Inc.

GEMS 1.2

GEMS 1.2 Examples (Zip File)

Message Examples Included:


  • Standard Connect Message
  • Successful Connect Response
  • Failed Connect Response (Invalid Target)
  • Malformed Message Response
  • Disconnect Message

Directive Message

  • Directive Message: StartProcessing(Iterations, Title)
  • Directive Response: returns a list of integers

Set Config Message

  • Standard SetConfig Message
  • Illustration of all escape characters
  • Illustration of all available GEMS types
  • Standard response

Get Config Message

  • Parameterized example
  • Example retrieving all available parameters
  • Standard response

Load Config Message

  • Example request
  • Example response

Save Config Message

  • Example request
  • Example response

Ping Message

  • Example request
  • Example response

Get Config List Message

  • Example request
  • Example Response
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