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The following RFPs and RFCs are being developed for future publication. This list is in the current task force priority. RFCs are used document and publish existing technologies and RFPs are published to solicit proposed specifications. Compatibility with existing standards should be addressed in the RFP.

  1. Glossary/Semantic Business Vocabulary of Ground System Terms: definition of terms for SDTF specifications and satellite operations.
  2. Display Page Information Exchange: exchange model that describes grouping and formatting of telemetry items for telemetry pages. Members of the SDTF are currently evaluating the suitability of IRIG Display Definition Markup Language (DDML) for these requirements.
  3. Telescope Engineering Reference Model: SysML-based model for MBSE of telescope systems
  4. Ground Data Delivery Interface: interface model for a Front-End Processor including encryption, providing/sending packets/frames Current working draft, members only
  5. Engineering Level Interface Specification: interoperability interface model for providing real-time telemetry and accepting command requests from ground system applications
  6. Satellite Operations Data Archive: interface model for satellite housekeeping telemetry and operations data archive
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