OMG FDTF Distributed technology Ledger (DLT) Working Group

IR Swaps process Diagrams:

1. IR Swap Process in BPMN as a PDF

2. ZIP of MagicDraw UML / Activity diagram of IR Swaps

3. Coming soon: FIBO Process ontology of this IR Swaps process diagram

Group for exploring possible standards opportunities for OMG and FDTF in the Blockchain and distributed ledgers cosystem.

See also the growing Webliography file.

(Do all please add links to this or send them to me for addition - some of the earlier links at buried under a stack of emails)

Meeting notes

Ongoing Slides as of 01 November - these will be progressively updated on future calls

Meetings - Most recent first

Conference Call 24 January Notes20170124

Conference Call 01 November - no separate textual notes were taken; slides (above) were updated. We also got some good insight into what's different about DLTs compared to what we would normally think of as “ledgers” but we didn't write this down.

Conference Call 13 December Notes20161213

Conference Call 25 October Notes20161025

Conference Call 18 October Notes20161018

Conference Call 11 October Notes20161011

Conference Call 27 September Notes20160927

Workshop at OMG FDTF Chicago NotesChicago

Conference Call 6 September 2016 Notes20160906

Conference Call 16 August 2016 Notes20160816

Conference Call 09 August 2016 Notes20160809

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