WS3 Shared Semantics Working Notes 03 November

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This was a fairly technical session. Looked at metadata for semantics provenance (term and definition origin) by extending terms from Dublin Core and SKOS.

Spent some time updating the working document ”Ways of Referencing Other Standards”, for treatments for the terms in standards that we need to refer to in the Global Terms sections of the model. This will become an Annex of the RFC document.

Also looked at the Selection Criteria matrix where one new entry had been added for a standard called “Epimorphics”, with a view to seeing how we would look at such a new standard as distinct from ones already referenced in the existing Global Terms semantics.

Discussion Notes

Diagram: UN-FAO Terms Derivation

Named Graph

Diagram Note: Creating synthetic URI Use that as the name for the named graph Create triples in that graph that correspond exactly to the source triples

Discussion: Following the suggestion on the use of Named Graphs, how will the URI for this be dealt with? Consensus is that we would have a URI specific to the Named Graph.

This is dealt with in detail in next week's session (10 November).

Spreadsheet comments

Noted in the Selection Matrix spreadsheet. Please refer to the latest version via the main Shared Semantics page.

Epimorphics standard

Considered whether this is one we would look at.

Comment (recorded in spreadsheet): Unclear whether this is likely to have take-up as a standard or not. Has some well known names involved. Also concepts on Site, Membership and so on.

Conclusions: There is no reason to include this at this time.

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