Shared Semantics

Workstream Summary

There are broadly two sets of activities under the banner of “Shared Semantics”:

  • The technical treatments for the Shared Semantics framework in the Global Terms sections of FIBO (technical OMG work)
  • Individual streams of semantic alignment activities among business specialists.

The notes and working on this page relate mainly to the first of the above. Shared semantics in the broader sense is therefore filed separately from the start page.

Goals of this Track

  • Goal: Identification and evaluation of shared semantic models to avoid duplication of efforts and eliminate ambiguity
  • Success Criteria: When all non-financial instrument/entity terms are traceable to a term owned by an industry/academic body and traceable to a relevant URI
  • Current Status: Starting on Proof of Concepts for Address, then accounting (REA, XBRL)
  • Participant Profile: Domain experts with experience in semantics

Team Leads:

  • Mike Bennett

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Session Notes

Working Documents

Named Graphs

Working document Named Graphs

Exploratory document, prepared by Kevin Tyson:

Publishing Subsets of RDF Specifications

Standards Selection Matrix

Business Entity and Dependent Sections

Serialized (XMI) Exports from all the sections that Business Endity depends on. To be uploaded - right now it refuses to do it for some reason.

Ways of Referencing Other Standards

Working document outlinng the formal treatments by which other standards are to be referenced. To be included in the RFC specificaiton document as an appendix: Ways of Referencing Other Standards

REA OWL Ontologies

Per recent correspondence from Bill McCarthy, the normative version of REA should be considered as being the UML model identified in the ISO documentation.

Meanwhile this is what MB has received, from Frederik Gailly in Feb 2011: - archive containing GIF and some other files - archive containing an RDF file and some other files

Address Pilot Working Notes

For the current “Pilot” experiments on address terms:

Address Semantics working document (version 2)

Further Reading

Interesting Links

This paper on ontologies integration (the HETS project):

Ontology Merging with V-alignments in HETS by Liwei Deng

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