WS3 notes Thursday 29 September

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This week we went through a number of different scenarios in which we may want to cross reference terms in FIBO to those in normative external standards.

Will have “Treatments” for each of a number of scenarios:

  • Standard ontologies where
    • We want to use only a small subset of the terms
    • We want to use the whole thing
    • We want to use one aspect of the ontology (e.g. classes but not axioms)
  • Standard ontologies which are:
    • Well modeled in OWL
    • Not well modeled but presented in OWL
    • Not in OWL but still ontologies
    • Standards which are not formal ontologies

Other considerations include

  • Degree of adoption or uptake of the standard
  • How authoritative it is for its subject matter

The details for this are captured in a new working document: Ways of Referencing Other Standards

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