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2.1.5 Exchange View

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An exchange is responsible for the exchange of information between immutable data objects. An exchange can be wholly contained within a domain, act as a bridge between domains, or even span across ecosystems or ecospheres. Obviously, the complexity of an exchange increases as the range of what is exchanged moves from just internally within a domain and crosses ecosystem or ecosphere boundaries.

An exchange is a process that exchanges one kind of immutable data object for another. Bitcoin would not be worth much if there were no way to exchange it for existing currencies such as euro, dollar, etc. Exchanges may be completely contained within a DIDO community network or act as the bridge between networks within the community; or be used to transfer immutable data objects between communities (i.e., Bitcoins to Ethereum, Iotas, or commodities such as gold, silver and grains).

An example of an exchange that could operate completely within a community might be for customer rewards programs that include customer loyalty reward programs.


Technical Standards

de facto Standards

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