Technical Modeling Framework

This workstream deals with all technical aspects of the FIBO standardization.

This is covered in two sets of activities:

  • Immediate term: Develop the metamodel for the standardized FIBO ontology;
  • Longer term: Overall ecosystem of modeling notations for semantics, business rules, process etc.

Team leads:

  • Mike Bennett
  • Donald Chapin
  • Pete Rivett

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Current Work Topic

Object Property Naming Conventions

  • Here are the latest notes on the subject of object property naming. We will experiment with this over the summer recess and come back with results and proposals when we reconvene.

Previous Work

Hashes v Slashes in URIs

  • Here are the Latest Notes, covering Hashes v Slashes, and non production of UML XMI.

Annotation Metadata

Previously focused on the “annotation” metadata, that is ways of annotating the model which can be rendered in OWL (as OWL Annotation Properties). We have identified some last minute changes (around logical combinations and the like, and for implementation of relationships to individuals). All the required decisions are in place now, what remains is to update the model and output the formal XMIs from these.

Here are the latest session notes (19 April) on these.


Here is a ZIP file with the current state of this material, with a Word document roughly outlining all this.

Annotation Metadata - description and all current diagrams

Session Notes

Working Documents

Constructs Mapping Spreadsheet

Mapping Spreadsheet v11

This spreadsheet consists of:

  • ODM Mapping: Mappings between constructs used in the existing Semantics Repository, the early draft version of ODM, and the agreed mappings to the current and next versions of ODM
  • SBVR Mapping: Mapping to SBVR constructs (under construction)
  • Additional non ODM metadata that exists or is needed to extract model content, for provenance and other purposes.
    • Metadata - Existing: the Existing Metadata which is currentl rendered either formally or informally in the model;
    • Metadata - Future: Additional metadata required for this release. Not all of the metadata terms will be populated but they are needed;
    • Metadata - Content Mgt: This will follow the OMG work directly; we will take a view as to whether to document this here or just cross reference OMG work elsewhere. Some relevant metadata included for reference for now.
    • Context Metadata: metadata and semantic relationships required for the extraction of context-specific model content.
    • Context Metadata Notes: some rough working notes on how to implement some of the context metadata in SBVR and elsewhere.

Model Management

Here is the working document Model Management v4

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