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NAFEMS-INCOSE Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group (SMSWG)

Archival Status Update

This page is now an archive of contents from the January 2013 Launch of this joint Working Group through March 2020. At that time NAFEMS and INCOSE adopted a new Terms of Reference / Charter document which established a new Systems Modeling & Simulation Community that is open to members of both NAFEMS and INCOSE. The SMS Community site for this group is now maintained on the overall NAFEMS website. INCOSE also maintains a NAFEMS-INCOSE Systems Modeling & Simulation WG page which provides its own summary of the joint NAFEMS-INCOSE Working Group on the INCOSE website, with links to materials now being maintained with NAFEMS.

This site was used through March 2020 to maintain a record of SMS meetings held since the founding of the SMSWG. Only presentations and other materials available to the general public were maintained on this site. Meeting recordings and some other materials available only on an SMS Collaborative Community site, which was maintained by NAFEMS with access restricted to registered members. NAFEMS has since moved access to member-restricted materials to the SMS Community site.

Original Contents from March 2020: Remainder of this page

This joint working group was formed under an agreement between the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and the International Association of the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community (NAFEMS). For more information, please see the current governing documents below, as well as the original June 2012 announcement by both groups.


Publication Link Data Published Notes
What is the Functional Mockup Interface? January 1, 2018 Free download page for What is FMI? flyer
What is Systems Modeling and Simulation? March 18, 2019 Free download page for What is SMS? flyer

These flyers are also being printed by NAFEMS in a trifold format for free distribution at future events of NAFEMS and/or INCOSE. The above download versions contain the same content but are formatted in PDF for reading as an electronic document.

The “What is Systems Modeling and Simulation?” flyer is co-branded by both NAFEMS and INCOSE. It is also available for public download from the INCOSE store.

SMS Community Meetings

Monthly meetings of the SMS Community are scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month for one hour at 11:00 AM U.S. Eastern Time.

SMS Community meetings are typically hosted online. Face-to-face meetings are also scheduled occasionally in conjunction with INCOSE or NAFEMS events. Most presentation materials from these meetings are linked from the individual meeting pages below. In addition to these files, minutes and recordings of each meeting are also available at the SMSWG Collaborative Community (member access to Google Sites community required). [See archive note at the top of this page for more up-to-date information on access to these members-only materials.]

Meeting DateMeeting AgendaMeeting Location
2020-03-10 SMSWG Meeting #36 Online
2020-01-27 SMSWG Meeting #35 2020 INCOSE International Workshop (Los Angeles, CA)
2019-12-10 SMSWG Meeting #34 Online
2019-11-12 SMSWG Meeting #33 Online
2019-10-08 SMSWG Meeting #32 Online
2019-09-10 SMSWG Meeting #31 Online
2019-06-11 SMSWG Meeting #30 Online
2019-05-14 SMSWG Meeting #29 Online
2019-04-09 SMSWG Meeting #28 Online
2019-03-12 SMSWG Meeting #27 Online
2019-02-21 NAFEMS Webinar NAFEMS Webinar on Emerging Standards for MBSE
2019-02-12 SMSWG Meeting #26 Online
2019-01-28 SMSWG Meeting #25 2019 INCOSE International Workshop (Los Angeles, CA)
2018-12-11 SMSWG Meeting #24 Online
2018-11-13 SMSWG Meeting #23 Online
2018-10-08 SMSWG Meeting #22 Online
2018-09-18 SMSWG Meeting #21 Online
2018-01-22 SMSWG Meeting #20 2018 INCOSE International Workshop (Jacksonville, FL)
2017-05-02 SMSWG Meeting #19 Online
2017-01-30 SMSWG Meeting #18 2017 INCOSE International Workshop (Los Angeles, CA)
2016-11-29 SMSWG Meeting #17 Online
2016-09-27 SMSWG Meeting #16 Online
2016-07-26 SMSWG Meeting #15 Online
2016-06-07,8,9 SMSWG Program Track NAFEMS Americas Congress (Seattle, WA)
2016-05-31 SMSWG Meeting #14 Online
2016-03-29 SMSWG Meeting #13 Online
2016-02-01 SMSWG Meeting #12 2016 INCOSE International Workshop (Los Angeles, CA)
2015-12-15 SMSWG Meeting #11 Online
2015-10-26 SMSWG Meeting #10 Online
2015-05-26 SMSWG Meeting #9 Online
2015-03-24 SMSWG Meeting #8 Online
2015-01-26 SMSWG Meeting #7 2015 INCOSE International Workshop (Los Angeles, CA)
2014-11-25 SMSWG Meeting #6 Online
2014-09-23 SMSWG Meeting #5 Online
2014-01-28 SMSWG Meeting #4 2014 INCOSE International Workshop (Los Angeles, CA)
2013-12-01 SMSWG Meeting #3 Online
2013-06-24 SMSWG Meeting #2 2014 INCOSE International Symposium (Philadelphia, PA)
2013-01-28 SMSWG Meeting #1 2013 INCOSE International Workshop (Jacksonville, FL)

Mission Statement

To develop a vendor-neutral, end-user driven consortium that not only promotes the advancement of the technology and practices associated with integration of engineering analysis and systems engineering, but also acts as the advisory body to drive strategic direction for technology development and standards in the space of complex engineering.

This group will support activities that bridge engineering analysis and systems engineering to provide digital solutions to represent real life experiences; and optimize the integration of systems engineering and simulation solutions for both OEM and supplier.

This includes education, communication, promotion of standards, and development of requirements that will have general benefits to the simulation and analysis community with the identification of benchmarks and major strategic issues (grand challenges).

2012 Announcement by NAFEMS and INCOSE

NAFEMS and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) announce a joint relationship for mutual participation and collaboration for the advancement of engineering simulation and model based systems engineering. This collaboration includes the implementation of a joint cross organizational working group on Systems Modeling & Simulation. NAFEMS will launch a new international Technical Working Group (TWG) in concert with INCOSE to promote a deeper understanding of lifelike behavior to integrate mechanical analysis and simulation within their Model Based System Engineering initiative. Additionally, through this collaboration NAFEMS and INCOSE will provide mutual assistance and support for international standards and develop a joint approach for interfacing with other organizations in related professional areas. The memo of understanding (MOU) was signed by both organizations at the 22nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium (IS2012) held in Rome, Italy.

“We're delighted to have agreed to collaborate with INCOSE on this initiative”, commented Tim Morris, NAFEMS CEO. “For the past 30 years, NAFEMS has been at the forefront of the international engineering analysis community, and represents the interests of over 1000 multinational organizations who are involved in CAE. At the very heart of our mission statement is a desire to push forward knowledge, skills and technology in the CAE arena, and it is through working together with other similarly-minded organizations that we can truly accelerate innovation and the development of new technologies on an international basis.”

“This agreement with NAFEMS marks a new step in the collaboration with partner organizations”, said Ralf Hartmann, INCOSE Director for Strategy. “Up to now INCOSE has primarily established liaison and cooperation schemes with other societies in the area of the engineering and management of systems. The successful evolution of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) under the leadership of INCOSE has unveiled the significant opportunities which emerge from a stronger cooperation with key engineering disciplines such as software and CAE. I am looking forward to the enrichment of our MBSE initiative through this collaboration with NAFEMS.”

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